New Fees on Credit Card transactions

Starting March 1st, 2023, a 3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card transactions.
In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, we have decided to implement this fee to keep prices in line with industry standards.

31st Jan 2023
Outage Update - Resolved

Another network (Telstra) has hijacked ISPRIME's (and multiple other network's) IP range. We have implemented a workaround and are awaiting a response from Telstra -- as we continue to monitor routes. We will be giving a more complete update once things are fully resolved on their side.   ** 9/30 Update - We've confirmed Telstra is no longer ... Read More »

29th Sept 2020
Planned IPv4 Price Increase

Dear Customer, Starting August 1st 2020, the cost per IPv4 IP assignment will increase to $3/month per IP. We held back raising IP rates as long as we could, in order to keep costs low for our customers. Due to high-demand and low supply, a $1/IP pricing model is no longer sustainable. Most hosts have raised pricing already, as high as ... Read More »

14th Jul 2020
Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED ISPRIME!

Thank you very much for choosing ISPRIME as your web-hosting partner!  We appreciate your business and would like to welcome you to our new & improved customer portal. Here you will find access to your billing, server and service data... as well as a new ticket and chat experience. We ask you to share with us your feedback at any time, be ... Read More »

31st Mar 2020